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This week your councillor..

Anyone who has met or will be meeting over the next month, I apologise. I will mention my birthday.

Someone asked me why I make such a song and dance out of it every year recently. Simples.

I almost wasn't here. If the driver speeding in his car had driven a little faster and an ambulance hadn't been going by behind him and the Europes number one brain surgeon hadn't been on secondment at Kings College hospital and the nurses hadn't restarted my heart twice when it stopped, most people reading this would not have known me.

I am so grateful and lucky to be alive.

A rundown on how I have been working for you this past fortnight:

  • Met with equalities networks to discuss how we can make politics more open with fair representation from all protected characteristics

  • Twisted my ankle really badly and a local government event so spent 3 hours in A and E and the next two weeks not walking very much

  • Did an interview with Riverside radio - 6:30am start!

  • Attended the Diwali event on Totterdown street - That was joyous!

  • Attended Battersea Park fireworks - That was deLIGHTful (See what I did there!)

  • Attended a meeting for Black Wandsworth Community planning the Christmas and next year activities - Able to share information about the Wandsworth Grant fund

  • Got a paving stone secured - It was a trip hazard for older people in the area. Still trying to get all the Tooting Streets assessed and repaired

  • Attended Platform as we discussed how to open empty shops on the high street which help to reinvigorate them, to local and community businesses. Hear more here

  • Signed off the paperwork for the Wandsworth Community trust - This will be made up of the voluntary council tax contributions

  • Had my booster jab - It really hurt, but better than COVID

  • Attended the Climate change festival at BAC which was LIT!

  • Read the names of those who passed from Graveney at the Remembrance day service at St Nicks and met the great grandson of one of the soldiers. Best wishes to Rev. CJ who has moved on

  • Chatted to women in the Co-op Women's steering group about barriers to standing in politics - There are just too many...

  • Shared learnings from Wandsworth with the Tower Hamlets Co-op commission

  • Learned from councils across the UK on how to make non-partisan policies that benefit everyone in the new climate 🙄

Did my casework, did day jobs, planned my birthday and worked with my labour colleagues to do the best we can for our neighbours and residents

Thats all folks!

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