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In a break during my Architecture studies I got hit by a car whilst cycling. I decided to have a career change. After training to be a qualified youth and community worker I set up Be Enriched.


After finishing a degree in Youth Work I started volunteering with young people at risk of offending. Working with many males and a few females in this area I became increasing frustrated with their annoyance at the types of community service they were being offered, I decided to do something about it. 


Setting up a Friday project for the young people to engage in food, with the community and learning new skills outside of their comfort zone the Graveney Canteen was born (Now Tooting Canteen).

Through this work I met people everyday with easily rectifiable issues who needed a bit of sign posting or a letter written. I started to help people and eventually this was recognised by the local politicians who suggested I get into politics.


After a chat with Sadiq Khan, the then MP, I threw my hat in the ring and stood for election.

I won a seat in Tooting Broadway in 2018 and became deputy leader of the group after 2 years


Historical win of Wandsworth council and I became Deputy Leader of Wandsworth Council

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