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This week your councillor..

I was told recently that local people don't know what I am doing for them.

So, here is a run down on how I've been working for you this week:

  1. Supported Leonie Cooper and Hannah Stanislaus at Olympia in winning their bids to be re-elected as GLA representative and Local Councillor, respectively.

  2. Met with council officers to ensure provision is made during the May school holidays for children who normally receive free school meals

  3. Managed to get re-elected as Deputy leader of Wandsworth Labour, so I can continue to support the Labour group to constructively challenge the administration and promote fairness and equality

  4. Met with council officers to discuss through roads, school streets and pedestrianising streets in Graveney

  5. Supported residents with an potential planning infringement which would have impeded on their daily life and wellbeing

  6. Responded to several enquiries about temporary housing

  7. Flytip reports: Another day, another mattress

And did my day job/s

Thats all!

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