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Not being in charge

Being in opposition isn't easy. Especially when you're someone like myself who can not bare to see things not being done, being done badly or issues being ignored, and knowing that I can do something about it. My soap box is Food insecurity and Hunger with the over arching theme of poverty. I have brought this up at council meetings and council leader questions, but the responses I receive from my very clear questions asking why nothing is being done, are responded to as thus: 1) We are already doing everything we can and will continue to do this 2) By the way this is something we are doing [insert here something that Be Enriched is doing] (my charity btw). Pretty frustrating because in fact what they are saying is we don't care and we aren't going to do anything about it.

I refuse to sit around and watch people go hungry while I wait for the current administration to get off their bums and act. So, as ever I am planning on doing something about it - even more than the Social Canteens project and CooksForce cooking project.

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