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Let's park it here

It's week four of the 'Lockdown', and all is quiet. Except for the many people in my immediate area who seem to be having friends over, BBQ's and parties.

Over 10,000 people have died in the UK and somehow this isn't enough for people to take this virus seriously. I even heard that some people think it's a hoax or that Hawieu 5g masts are spreading the virus (I mean, really!). I've gone through various stages of virus behaviour and and currently in a place I'd call acceptance and contempt. I accept that this is the new normal and people who aren't following the rules or giving me my personal space I treat with contempt. I don't think i should have to suffer because they don't care about getting sick.

At the cafe you'll hear me shouting "2 METRES' often. Once a good friend explained to me what viral load was and how it worked, I realised we must stick to the 2 metre rule for our health and those of others we come into contact with. We are actually all in this with very little chance of escape. Unless we stay at home.

This week saw a hot breeze sweep across the UK, so of course everyone was out sunbathing in bikinis. Some councils saw fit to close the parks to keep people in, others sent out police on patrol to break up parties and hoped for the best. Health campaigners took to social media to fight the closure of parks and open spaces and demand the reopening of cemeteries. It's clear to me that all people can not be trusted to make the right decisions and it's those few people that mean a lot of people are at risk of serious health issues. Who is right?

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