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Feeling Calmer?

A day feels like 12 weeks at the moment and 12 weeks is the quarantine we're facing ahead of us and it feels like 12 months. Things move very quickly and I have all the time in the world at home.

In the past few days is what has happened: Schools were shut; Boris Johnson stepped up the quarantine and no one is allowed out except for 1 bit of exercise, shop or get medication; meetings of more than 2 people will be disbanded; we are not allowed to stand within 2meteres of each other; Michel Barnier has been tested positive; all non essential shops have been shut; Key workers are the only people allowed to use public transport; Prince William has been tested positive; the railways have been nationalised; the Coronavirus bill got passed in record speed taking away a lot of our civil liberties for 2.5 years; Self employed people are getting a basic income while they are out of work; a list of the most vulnerable people in the country has been produced; homeless people are being housed in hotels; Boris Johnson has tested positive;

In light of all of this I'm still on the hunger wagon and determined to ensure that as many folks as possible don't go hunger, now or after the pandemic is over.

So... Not sure whether this is a good or terrible idea as yet, yesterday I signed up Be Enriched and Brixton People's Kitchen to unofficially be official disaster relief partners with Lambeth and Wandsworth Council, . With Lambeth we're becoming 1 of 3 borough wide food hubs. This is because the council have realized the scope of hunger is much bigger than they first anticipated. And Wandsworth because it appears that we're the only people willing to do the job!

So far it has been bits and bobs, crates of food, the odd delivery for fruit and milk to an elderly persons door, a weeks worth of meals cooked for an ill person and a pint of milk. Today we sorted and placed 33 boxes of essential fruit and veg, milk and cheese on chairs and got local people take one and to deliver one. They were gone in 45 mins. As this quarantine, cancelled work and social distancing malarkey continues, it's anticipated that people will become more isolated because that's the aim, income and savings will dry up because not many people will be working, sick people may become sicker because there's no hospital beds and if the panic buying continues there will still be no food. Projects like mine have been classed as keyworker jobs for this reason. And for this reason i'm home late pretty tired, whilst others have been lolling about at home. What could possibly happen next?

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