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An elected official

I thought i'd start to blog about my experinces as a "newly elected politician" for a few reasons.

Firstly it's really interesting to see how things have changed in a few short months, secondly i'll have something to look back on and thirdly blogs are a great way to get things out there.

It happened in May, which I realise is quite a long time ago, but for me it feels like last week. After almost a year of campaigning, when the day actually came I was 'so over it'/tired/exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. In fact i don't believe I celebrated for two days.

Since that day, i've not had a spare moment to myself. The life of a councillor is just on going....

There's so many meetings and papers to read for them, people to meet and people they want you to meet, things that residents think you should be able to solve and you really don't have the power to, things you think should be solved easily, and yet for some reason they aren't and bins, oh the bins. Rubbish is always on the agenda. I just don't understand why the few miscreants can't clean up after themselves.

Then there's wider world politics which you have very little influence on, but everyone thinks that not only will you have a view on it, but that you can do something about it. Well, I can't and er, by the way, did you vote in the last election?...

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