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Totally delicious!

We were invited to the UK Harvest launch alongside the Jamie Oliver foundation last night. We had such a wonderful evening of food, cheese, jam, Local Honey, Sussex wine and Sipsmith Gin (non-alcoholic).

Our dinner Cooked by the wonderful Jose Pizzaro was a thick meaty slow cooked cod with roasted peppers and spinach with pine nuts, yum! We danced away the evening with some guy off the telly.

Abz has a bag full of contacts and a phone full of photos. Patience is looking forward to eating our way around london. Hatty more determined than ever to work with young people and turn their lives around in the kitchen. I got my smashing photo with Giles Peterson. Be Enriched hopefully has gained a some transport for our food delivery. We all had a great meal and good time

If you're not following us on twitter and Instagram do it now @be_enriched and @be.enriched, respectively, because you missed our live twitters and Instagram's. Bound to have been a laugh!

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