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This week your councillor..

Started 2023...Officially!

Its always daunting returning to the office after a few days off let alone 2 weeks!

I've just been back for two days and have a slew of emails to react to, so I'm going through them now and will respond in due time.

Many charities and community organisations held communal Christmas feasts throughout the holiday season thanks to the WBC's Warm spaces grant. I like to think we were proactive in assisting our residents and preventing possible problems created by the fuel price increase. Another thanks to our wonderful Voluntary sector.

Food costs have also risen as a result of the fuel price increase. I can certify that 1p chicken and chips is now on average £4.50, as a barometer for growing pricing. To save money, I've observed that more individuals are asking for meals that do not need to be reheated or prepared. If you or a neighbour require assistance paying bills, please contact the council (0808 175 3339) or CAB, who can refer you to a fuel bank.

It is depressing to think we now need these.

Moving on to saving money when in dire straights, let's address the Jack Monroe Trussell trust Cookbook issue.

The idea that those on a tight budget need to learn how to save money is ludicrous.

If you've ever attempted to live on £48 per week in the most expensive city and survived, I'd say you're a pretty excellent budgeter. Low-income people do not need to learn how to budget. They require economic help.

On to the content. If one is going to give 'Thrifty' ideas to save money, one should ensure that they are sensible, viable and .... SAFE. If you wouldn't put it in your mouth then you shouldn't ask others to.

Some of the things I read were astonishing and if followed would most certainly increase the current 40hr+ wait times at A+E.

Check the thread ➡

I'm on Christmas Tree watch - Monitoring tree collections over the next few weeks. Please don't put them out in the middle of the week. They clog up the space and make it difficult to walk on the pavement. Please let me know if your tree isn't collected.

Get into community

Wandsworth Welcomes Refugees is asking for old and reusable phones, tablets and laptops for our refugees, families and children. If you have some lying around drop them a line:

Transition Town Tooting are hosting a Repair shop at St Mary's Balham between 1-4pm on Sat 14 Jan. Bring broken electrics or clothing and learn how to repair them, and save money. Just turn up.

Wishing everyone a prosperous, fruitful and blessed year ahead.

Thats all folks!

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