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This Week your councillor..

I can barely believe it's February. Where did the time go? It's

The Conservative government can only think that the pandemic is over because we have opened everything up. EVERYTHING. And caution has been thrown to the wind

A rundown on how I have been working for you:

I'm afraid I haven't done much this fortnight as I have had CoronaVirus. And it was horrible. However..

  1. I still managed to complete some housing enquiries for people in temporary accommodation

  2. Free street party closures were agreed at my request for residents Queens Silver Jubilee Parties - more community cohesion = better places to live!

  3. New trees I asked for to be planted on residential streets have turned up

  4. ... I enquired why they only turned up on one side of the street though 🤔. If you'd like trees on your street, drop me a line

  5. Supported two community groups to set up their constitutions

I spent the rest of the time staying at home, sleeping, testing and ensuring I did my duty to fellow humans by not spreading the virus by going out.

Thats all folks!

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