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Going LIVE

Firstly the new rules are: Curfew for pubs and fun places at 10pm, as obviously you can't be drunk before that?; the rule of 6 is in place which really means not very much if you're less than a metre away from the next table of 6; local lockdowns in loads of cities particularly up north and other cities on the 'watch' list including London; central government are really pushing the non obligatory face mask wearing and seem to have forgotten to Wash their hands; A anti-lockdown protest in central london was broken up because no one was wearing masks or socially distancing. I imagine they all got public transport home (Urgh). I'm slowly veering towards apathy about the whole situation, if only it wasn't so life threatening.

Going Live! If you're of my age (or older) you'll remember the programme - Saturday Mornings were made for children's TV. Trevor and Simon, Gordon the Gopher and Philip Schofield. Until recently I wasn't aware of how nerve racking that could be. If you make a mistake - it's out there, FOREVER.

I've had the honour of being invited to speak at the Labour Party conference and for the British Library Food season, live. And recorded. And then there's the pre recorded bit I did for Sharecity project which came out this week. And because we are in midst of COviD and we have to stay at home or go out or eat out, but only for work (or something), it's also all been from my home.

So it's important to get your story straight (impossible - so many things led me to this point) Or at least try not to say something that hasn't been thought through enough (more likely). I believe I finally achieved this with the British Library interviews. It was a breeze from beginning to end. Turns out food, culture and community is something that I really do know about.

Click the images below to enjoy

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