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Get out, Stay in, Get in?

It's September and we have been living in a post lockdown society for months now. Various parts of the country have slipped into and out of total and partial lockdown with curfews imposed on individuals, families, households, bubbles and businesses. Schools and workplaces remain open and you can gather to go on a Hunt (?). The Government have mastered the art of the three word slogan, except theres been so many of them no one can really remember which one we are meant to be following. I think it's Space, Place, Face? Wear it, Throw it, Grow it? Wash your hands seems to be the simplest and best advice. Stay at home, lingers in my mind. Simply because it's the only way to truly be safe.

Is it the mixed and convoluted messaging from national government, sheep mentality of people or the disobedient nature of people who just want to flout rules, but in any case 70% of people appear not to be following the rules 70% of the time. So I prefer not to expose myself to this virus that kills. Abstinence is better than cure - another slogan that springs to mind regularly. I imagine like many people i've been isolating as much as possible. Group trips and most of public transport trips fill me with anxiety - when I can I cycle.

But being back on the road isn't without anxiety of me either. In 2006 I got knocked off by bike by a speeding car which left me in a coma and 2 years to start walking again - so being on busy roads does leave me with a certain fear before and afterwards, but better than an bus with chin maskers (people who wear a mask on their chin where it does absolutely nothing - why bother!!).

Facebook just reminded me of a festival I was at 11 years ago where the biggest issues I had to worry about was where to get a cup of tea from, but on reflection actually toilet paper was also in scarce quantity, so there was some similarity. It's going to be a marathon to get us back to the carefree society where huge groups of people will be gathering in unsanitary conditions for days on end and then another push to get people to want to attend.

I do miss live music though. Still

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