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To Download or not to Download?

This week no one really knows what’s going on, nothing new.

The government have finally released an app which requires you to have your phone and bluetooth on at all times, so they can track who you’ve been stood next to and where you’ve been. Works everywhere, but underground and where does the information go? You still have to check in when you pop into places with a QR code, so sounds like it tracks where you shop, eat and drink as well. My best friends mother says we have an ethical obligation to do download it to keep everyone safe. But when I hear about it suppressing an outbreak anywhere I’ll be reassured that it is suitable for purpose. Still not convinced. It's the Government afterall.

Talking of suppression, I think I’ve cracked the PoC, BIPOC, BAME, BME terminology issue. Should we return to the era of ‘Coloured people’ or will that further ingrain it to be used in a separatist way as it is still in South Africa; Who are the indigenous people of Britain? And as for Black, Asian Minority ethnic – well… In the circles I mix in - politics, HR, representation in the third sector- what we are actually talking about is suppressed people due to race. It nearly always is people of African and Indian heritage and descent alongside some others, depending on where and what period of history is in question. Maybe the term Racially Suppressed peoples’ is raw enough to engage with others so they can truly understand what is being addressed and stop changing the conversation subject matter to compare race to gender or sexuality.

Imagine the conversations to start any meeting of Racially Suppressed peoples. The first question would be ‘Who are the suppressed people? And why and how are they suppressed?”. Isn’t that the question that needs to be solved to make our society more equal in any case?

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