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Updated: May 15, 2021

On April the 12th we are told the 'World will start to open up following a roadmap' according to Boris Johnson, who has somehow managed to keep hold of his PMship through this debacle.

127,000 people have died from Coronavirus and 112,000 in England alone. Kids are back at school, although they now have to get tested, the elderly can have one visitor and the rule of 6 is back (You can hang out in groups of 6 outside). Masks must be worn on public transport and inside of shops, but mainly we are still at home, walking our hands and keeping safe. I have got so used to having my weekly asymptotic PCR swab that I no longer gag when my tonsils are tickled by the 10 sec twirling of the brush. We are told that there has been a third wave all around the world and not to open up to quickly, but why listen to science, eh?

One just has to take solace in the realisation that since Trump has been toppled we are not longer making up truths. I'd say we've entered an era of Fact News.

Now if only we can convince people to follow through with the truths

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