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Council Questions - October 2019

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

After the success of my earlier questions, ahem, I was given the opportunity to present a motion at full council. A motion is an opportunity to present a paper (idea for action) to all the council members and for there to be a debate on whether this should be implemented. In reality there is no debating or discussion, sometimes there is heckling and always a round of applause. Often there are jibes made at the opposing party and a lot of underhand remarks. But I was sure a motion on food poverty was merely going to highlight an issue that people didn't know about and enable the council to take action, now, before it is too late.

('Motion moved' means that the council agreed to give time to listen to speeches about the paper)

I gave a great speech set in facts both nationally and locally, with quotes from local people about food being the fuel of life. However, my heart was already heavy because the opposing party had already submitted their amendments, if you could call it this. See below.

Deletions? What? The correct sentence should have been 'We refuse to take this on board and will continue to do nothing'. The opposing party, should have voted against my motion because they crossed the entire thing out, Whilst seeming to agree with all the facts I presented. It left us with no choice, but to vote against thier amendment (the re written motion) in favour of what I had asked for.

I am livid. What sort of council decides that ensuring all school children can eat well is not a priority? Why is talking therapy, mental health and breastfeeding being spoken about in a motion about food access? And to really slap me in the face the food bus project, which I set up because I can not wait for this council of inaction to wake up, is being mentioned.

Wandsworth needs a Food poverty strategy desperately especially as food access will only decline over time. The solution is simple. Measure the issue, implement strategies, review success and failures, improve - that's how we ensure that everyone in the borough can start well, live well and age well. Preventative measures,

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