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A food filled Day

Last Friday was full of food filled fun.

Breakfast was a quick affair consisting of grilled cherry tomatoes with a drizzle of olive oil and tabasco on wholegrain bread - Actually very delicious and healthy!

I popped down to the Graveney Canteen to meet and greet some of the volunteers about to cook up a storm for the elderly. I think its nice to show my face when I can, but I always forget to introduce myself. There were a lot of courgettes being prepared!

I headed over to the local community college for the Young chef of the year award dinner where 6 young people had prepared a 3 course meal for family and local politicians. It was delicious and so well plated.

Finally I spent the latter of the day conglomerating comments from my political team to write a response to the new Food policy.

Still feeling full from my lunch I ate a surplus sausage sandwich - lots of condiments! I'm living for condiments.

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