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This week your councillor: Caught up with you!

It's been a while since the Wandsworth Labour Gain!

We are at 100 days, apparently....

May the 6th 2022 was a great day. I spent the early hours in the Town Hall watching our votes rolling through, gaining more councillors than we bargained for, gladly, and the rest of the the day and early evening in a half asleep stupor of disbelief and tiredness.

Since then it's been non-stop work in the Town Hall, getting to grips with being in power, putting into action all the policies the Labour group were blocked from delivering over the past 4 years and getting on with day to day business. It's been a worldwind.

I wrote an article for the Independent!

Cllr Boswell and myself on the BBC in joyous celebration!

After the initial win, we had an AGM and Cabinet posts were allocated and I was elected as the new Deputy Leader of Wandsworth and appointed Cabinet member for the Voluntary sector, Businesses and Culture. BIG JOB! It means I cover civil society, work with businesses and support cultural activity across the borough - arts, religion, heritage as well as being a local representative for Tooting Broadway..

Tooting Broadway

Most importantly I'm really pleased to have been reselected to represent my ward where I live, run my charity and enjoy life. If you voted for or supported me, a huge and massive thank you! 👏 👏

Of course my good friend and colleague Cllr Andy Gibbons passed away shortly after we won, which has been a devastating loss. But during the election period Andy and I wrote the Labour group manifesto, so as we deliver on this he is in all of our minds,

As part of our commitment to making Tooting safer we agreed a new crossing on Franciscan road which will make the crossing to school safer and will be consulting on a new school street soon.

Many questions have been posed on Twitter about removing newspaper holders and unused telephone boxes. We have approached BT about removing these, but it seems they just fixed the receivers instead. Discussions ongoing.

Many people have complained about the scooters and bikes on the pavement which are dangerous and mean pedestrians can't get past. Another ongoing issue which is being handled delicately.

Business, VCS and Culture

I’ve been meeting with business leaders, wandsworth chamber of commerce, community businesses and some of our bigger cultural centres across the borough to discuss how we can work closer together as a council and what additional services they provide - Which is a lot. Did you know Battersea Arts centre has a world renowned Beat box academy for example? I met with the Food Partnership, CAB, WOW and others and they told me how much strain they are under. As a result I have delivered a 100k Capacity building grant to help them to deliver what they need to do #100Days.

I also announced that Wandsworth will become a Borough of Sanctuary for refugees #100Days. You can read more here.

Leadership Stuff

We haven't been in power for 44 years so I felt it was important that I skilled myself up and everyday is a learning day after all. So, I've been on several training weekends with councillors across the country where Kier has given Wandsworth a few SHOUTOUTS. In addition I have not one but two mentors who are bossin' it in their own local authorities. We had our first council meeting in power. Not surprisingly I have nothing bad to say about how it went now!!!

I've made a few videos and you can see them on the council instagram and stood in for the Leader a few times. It's my job.

In my spare time...

My diary is now a jenga game and i've mainly been looking at where I can slot in lunch and basically live at the town hall now and also looking for a COO for the good job. But before I sign off I want to address the #100days malarky. I strongly believe this should be 100 working days and not just 100 days. So look out for my 100 day update in October!

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Have a good fortnight!

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