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This week your councillor..

It's been a tiring two weeks where everyone seems to be getting irritable and restless.

Things are very visibly re-opening and rules look to be relaxed. It feels like its all over, but the virus still doing the rounds and we need to keep everyone safe. So, I've been testing weekly, wearing a mask and washing my hands religiously.

A rundown on how I have been working for you:

  1. My fortnight started out of borough with a visit to one of the 3 community meals I run in Elephant and castle. Even though its in Southwark, people who are food deprived in the tri-borugh area have a timetable and will do the rounds, whereever they can get a meal. There were a lot of Tooting folks there. Hunger in children and adults is indeed on the rise again

  2. I followed this with a visit to a local jobcentre, chatting to young people and inspiring young people to get into work and of course politics, if they are interested.

  3. I held a meeting with a developer and put forward the struggles that many in the voluntary sector have been faceing regarding use of space and security of that use. We agreed to work together to develop something that could be a blueprint on how developers can work with community businesses, alongside the Platform think tank that I’m part of.

  4. Then after a webinar about Planet friendly diets I plotted with other councillors about how we could encourage more vegetabels in everyones diet, worried about the images of empty shelves (again) and surmised the issue of no hauliers to deliver food to supermarkets. As was suggested in the Equlaity commission, more

  5. I spent an afternoon writing my Candidate statement and reflecting on the past year the seismic waves of which we are all yet to feel I think.

  6. A couple of hours spent at Foodival eating, learning about the Refill campaign, CREW energy and listening to local musicians on Hereward road. Chatting to families, parents and teachers from the local PRU as well as local hero Naseem from Mushkil Assan.

  7. A welcome email from the council let us know the Mellison Pocket park weas due to be completed and ready to be opened on Monday. Quickly shared with everyone who’s been asking about this – our official opening was on Thursday with Dr Rosena Allin-Kahn MP

  8. As deputy leader I was asked to speak to a bunch of students in Richmond Virgina. This is where ther

  9. Monday started with an interview and a meeting with one of the local vicars to discuss October Holiday provision for children and advise on how to get hold of healthy food, connecting them with other local VCS organisations.

  10. Attended the BWC group planning a Black history month event and Cllr Belton’s 50 years as a councillor celebration event. That’s half a century of public service!

  11. There’s been a lot of concern for tooting pavements recently. I am compiling a list of roads and individual safety concerns. If you could email me the street and closest door number of any incidents or use 'what three words' so they can be pinpointed by the end of the month, these will be visited and actioned if they meet the criteria.

Did my day job, a stretch of track and trace quarantine, and got the double decker back on the road so the Food Bus is rolling!!!

Thats all folks!

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