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This week your councillor..

The bank holiday meant I actually got to take 1 day off/lost a day so the title of this blog update should really read

This fortnight your councillor....

A rundown on how I have been working for you:

  1. Attended the George Floyd murder memorial event and gave a speech about how we all have a responsibility to be anti-oppressive and anti-racist if anything is going to change in Tooting Broadway or Wandsworth

  2. Attended the council meeting where the new Mayor and deputy are chosen - It was good to see everyone in the flesh, even if we now hold these in the civic suite and not the ornate council chambers...

  3. Listened to the fantastic CREW discuss how we can and should invest into environmentally friendly energy sources, the payoff can be quicker than initially thought

  4. Met with other community organisations who have been delivering emergency food as well as support for a reflections on the pandemic sessions. Well attended and lots of interesting info will come from the Wandsworth Food bank out of it.

  5. Checked in on the progress of the next round of school streets for the Tooting Broadway area for two schools desperate for safer streets for kids

  6. Went on a ride around the ward and reported general issues with the area to appropriate officers - Always quicker when residents report to me me because I don't always have the time to do this and I don't cover every road!

  7. Followed up with residents concerned about traffic and speeding

  8. Responded to so many emails about fly tipping and general rubbish

  9. Visited Mellison gardens to check it's progress - Looks at them moment like it's taking up the whole carpark - but actually a lot of this will be reinstated.

  10. Shopped locally, ate locally, Cycled locally

And did my day job/s - Welcomed people back to the community meal in Tooting on Fridays - three course meal - and stacked shelves at the community shop in Kennington. No job is too small

Thats all folks!

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