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Updated: Jun 17

It's been a while since I've had the time to tell you what i've been up to, serving the people of Tooting and Wandsworth, but here's a snap shot of what i've been doing the past couple of months:

  1. Totterdown road closure pilot - It's happening. Still a Pilot and if it doesn't work out we will end it. But if it becomes a place for all of us to enjoy, much better.

  2. On roads - Trying to get those pot holes filled in. My colleague Cllr Jenny Yates has been doing a lot of work getting the council to invest in a programme for all of them to be maintained. Report pot holes here

  3. Housing - whether it has been antisocial behaviour from neighbours, landlords not completing repairs to finding housing I have been working with council officers, Police and Housing associations to rectify the issues.

  4. Rubbish work - Ongoing as ever. The mega skips have really helped locals but some flytipping spots remain. Camera's are up in the hotspots and perpetrators are being persued.

  5. Representation - The Wandsworth business awards were last week and I gave big accolade to the Tooting market in my award giving. Some how managed to bring Tooting up in my panel talk for the World Food congress too. Tooting is just the best place and everyone needs to know about it!

  6. Cllr Varathraj and myself led to support our application to be come a Borough of Sanctuary. We did it!

  7. Celebrating Pride month, Volunteer week (week one), Carers week (Week 2) and now it is Refugee week (Week 3).

  8. And it is of course general election time - so whilst not able to be visible officially I have been knocking on doors drumming up support for the party and our local MP, Dr Rosena There's also been a lot of work going on for our London Borough of Culture preparations. Nothing exciting to tell yet, but we are laying the foundations (council speak for paperwork) for quite an exciting year ahead. Watch this space...

Finally, we are now in the second week of the Wandsworth Arts fringe. If you can go you should pop along to an event. In celebration of Wandsworth's incredible support for refugees All Saints are running an Arts of Sanctuary event next Saturday and Sunday. Worth a butchers!

All for now!

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