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Expert Witness!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I had the pleasure of being invited as an expert witness on Food insecurity at City hall earlier this month, by Leonie Cooper AM. This consists of a panel of Greater London Assembly members asking questions to a panel of experts in their field, of which I was included, for my work with Be Enriched. It's nice to be recognised for the work we do. I was pretty nervous beforehand, but I put my best tunic on and stepped up the the challenge. Turns out living that-front-line-service-life means that all the issues and complications and difficulties people face were right on the tip of my tongue, which I had to bite a few times when people said things I didn't agree with at all. Here's all 2 hours of it, but you can skip to 2:11:00 for the most important thing I may have said.

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