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About that clean eating thing....

I was reading today in last months 'The Psychologist' about a clinical name for 'clean eating'. Orthorexia. Yes, it's a mental health disorder. I have long been a believer in eating healthy and often, but not to put millions of restrictions on your food. 

Orthorexia is defined as 'An eating disorder that makes you obsessed with eating only unprocessed, organic, or other "pure" foods' - WebMD

Let's call it a thing because it's real, yo!

Also real expensive. I'm lucky enough to live near fruit and veg markets and a lot of the food the projects get donated happen to be organic, yes they do taste better, but if we had to buy them, gosh $$$$ 

I wouldn't suggest only eating specialised foods at the risk of going hungry or berating yourself for consuming pasta, real pasta because 1) It's actually fine to eat carbs 2) Damn, they taste good. 

Also have a read of 'Five go gluten free'. Laugh be merry and eat

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