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Council Questions - July 2019

It's July again and just before the school holidays. This is the longest period of time that some children will go without their free school meals. The amount of people who are food insecure must rise during this time? Maybe?

The national Conservative government somehow has been convinced that measuring food insecurity is a good idea - we've been saying this for years - but I think that won't provide a good picture of what is happening more locally.

Working with Southwark council for the past year meant that Be Enriched was able to gather some real data on food insecurity experienced by around 80 people. Whilst this is a small snapshot, it gave the public health team a good idea of issues people have been facing. So why not transpose this good practice to Wandsworth? Look at what happens..

Seems like a reasonable question, backed up with facts...

Why so defensive Cllr Ravi? And why are you responding with information about DSF and employment opportunities? It was a simple question: measure food insecurity and plan to eradicate hunger.

We never got round to my question, again, so I dropped him an email asking for a date that we can expect to hear about the 'review' and offering my academic support.

Glad I didn't hold my breath for a response. I guess it will be another Council question instead.

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