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Council Questions - December 2018

Another opportunity to ask questions to the majority party at council.

It's been decided that food insecurity doesn't fit into any of the cabinets portfolio (another word for committee areas) so now I just ask questions to the leader. In reality, this means he asks everyone in the council for the answer to the questions and then writes a reply. Actually, not sure if he even writes it himself?

It's Christmas so I asked about Child poverty and hunger over Christmas. I was question number 6 so I hoped we'd get to the point where I could ask a supplementary - this means where you actually get to have a 'discussion' in the council chamber. In reality it means you get to ask ONE singular question in response to the written answer - SMH!

Seems like a reasonable question to illicit concrete answers....

Eerrrr??? Seems like Cllr Ravi either missed the point or purposefully didn't answer again. I'm sure I heard these answers before in October. What are the council doing for kids over Christmas? We will never know. And there again pops up the Food Partnership that me and my team run. But what are you doing? And how is it being measured? SMH

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