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Being an LGBTQ Ally - It's easy!

I was invited to visit the LGBT coffee morning held in Furzedown, Tooting, with my colleague Cllr Steve Worrall in October. They were such a funny lot and we giggled from the moment we arrived till the moment we left. It was great to have space for us both to speak to the community answer questions and give them some hot tips on funding and events they may want to attend.

As well as it being important for people to have safe spaces, it's important for those who can to provide and protect those spaces. We all need a place to let off steam with others who know what you're going through. As a Black disabled woman, I know how precious and how important discussion with others can be to help you navigate others in the world we've been given. Of course it would be great not to need separate spaces, but the world isn't there yet. We can't all just get along (sigh).

I'm an LGBTQIA+ ally and i'm proud of it. Acceptance of others is so easy, just don't be a idiot. There is no space for hate, no time for prejudice and I have all the time for love, compassion and empathy - those are the vibes!

Deputy Leader Kemi Akinola, Cllr Steve Worrall and the LGBT coffee morning in the centre smiling
Deputy leader guest speaker at LGBT meeting - Wandsworth Borough Council
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