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Forward thinking with Food Forward

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I was informed that to get about in LA i'd need a car, but still I wanted to take public transport. Theres no better way to feel like a local than to travel with them. Turns out most people get cabs and drive becasue the transport system is delayed and infrequent. Still. 

Travelling to the West Hollywood Farmers market was pretty odourous. The sun always shines, so theres a big reliance on air conditioning and bus windows don't open. On my bus was a homeless lady, who complete with her tent home and many plastic bags. There was the smell of rotten fish mixed with feet and dung in the air. The bus was packed but no one said anything. It reminded me of home. After waiting 30 mins for a bus in the heat of the day, I couldn't afford to get off and wait so I stayed aboard, but as the windows didn't open we all had to deal with the rancid smell which air conditioning doesn't filter. I wondered where she was travelling to. I found out a few days later.

I volunteered my day with Food Forward, a charity which gleans organic produce at the end of its market cycle and distributes it to charities

Listen to the interviews here:

What did I learn? 

1. Having a swift and clear, marketed process speeds up donations of food. Food Forward gives out reusable cardboard boxes with great branding

2. Having tax breaks is an great incentive for businesses to donate food. I later found out that each business assigns it's own cost to the food donated. Food Forward provide a certificate of weight of food donated.

3. Market food has a cycle of how long it can be sold for. Nab it at the end

4. California has the widest variety and biggest peaches I've ever seen and they were delicious and organic!

Thanks to Food Forward and the West Hollywood Farmers Market for letting me come and help out!

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